The Presidency in the Twenty-first Century

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As the most prominent figure of the U.S. government, the president is under constant scrutiny from both his colleagues and the American people. Questions. The Presidency in the Twenty-first Century explores the growth of presidential power, investigating its social, political, and economic impact on.

If we can turn Texas from Red-to-Blue, it would make the Republican path to the Presidency almost impossible! And they are going to target freshman member like Colin, especially since a represents a district that had been red for the past 22 years.

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James Clyburn has formed an exploratory committee and is eyeing a run for Senate. We need your help today. Reframing white identity. Reforming elections. Plus Bill Press on the politics of how we talk about Israel. Richard D.

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Kahlenberg on the limits of white identity politics. Joshua A.

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Douglas on the growing movement for voting rights reform. Our sponsor, 21st Century Democrats, works hard to get everyday Democrats involved in returning our party to its roots… and to success at the ballot box.


Sit back and listen, then stand up and fight. And follow 21st Century Democrats on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest progressive news. Richard Kahlenberg is a scholar who has written extensively on the interplay of race and class in education.

Amid dire news about our broken electoral system and efforts to suppress American voters, a new book from Joshua A. Douglas offers an optimistic view drawn from the stories of people across the nation fighting for free and fair elections. Bill Press on why criticism of Israel is not anti-semitism, and voting for Democrats is not disloyal.

For more great interviews, visit our podcast page. Andy Levin is a champion of dinner table politics.

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Jump to navigation. To lead, a great nation must command the respect of others.

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America has been respected in the past as a powerful nation, a purposeful nation, and a generous and warm-hearted nation. In my travels around the world as senator and as first lady, I have met people from all walks of life.

Leadership Challenges in the Twenty-First Century

First, a most warm and cordial welcome to this home of Latin American thought, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. The presidency changed dramatically in the 20th century; the modern presidency is big , designed to deal with the challenges of an expansive federal government and an interconnected world. Facebook Twitter. Some observers see this as a good thing and champion American empire, while others see it as a bad thing and seek to resist American empire, but both sides agree that American empire is the defining feature of our era. And no other country is as wealthy or mints the global reserve currency or wields as much soft power. Zachary Taylor.

I have seen firsthand how many of our past policies have earned us respect and gratitude. The tragedy of the last six years is that the Bush administration has squandered the respect, trust, and confidence of even our closest allies and friends. At the dawn of the twenty-first century, the United States enjoyed a unique position.

Our world leadership was widely accepted and respected, as we strengthened old alliances and built new ones, worked for peace across the globe, advanced nonproliferation, and modernized our military.

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We had a historic opportunity to build a broad global coalition to combat terror, increase the impact of our diplomacy, and create a world with more partners and fewer adversaries. But we lost that opportunity by refusing to let the UN inspectors finish their work in Iraq and rushing to war instead.

Moreover, we diverted vital military and financial resources from the struggle against al Qaeda and the daunting task of building a Muslim democracy in Afghanistan.

Orville Schell - Wealth and Power: China's Long March to the Twenty-First Century

At the same time, we embarked on an unprecedented course of unilateralism: refusing to pursue ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, abandoning our commitment to nuclear nonproliferation, and turning our backs on the search for peace in the Middle East.