The Deadline: A Novel About Project Management

The Deadline : A Novel About Project Management
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Hioryne Follow. The book is really good written. If you were very rapt during reading the content of the chapter, as I was, this thesis will remind you about outcomes you should understand and remember. Wiki tells that Tom DeMarco has very wide experience in development of software and management of this process. This information also besides good advertisement convinced me to read this book. The main idea, which I give the first place in my ladder, is that the most important part of any project is team and people. According to him, the main tasks for the project manager are:.

The latter is second key point of the book for me. There are a lot of common unfortunately examples of relationships inside the team, between the manager and the team and stakeholders and the team, where these relationships are fare away from productive, efficient and respectful. The third insight, which I want to cover in this post, is modelling and simulating. In my opinion the provided example is a colourful presentation of parametric estimating and Monte Carlo method, both of which are described in PMBOK and which we do use quite often at the initial and planning stages of the project.

For new project managers, one of the most major problems is leadership. They might have the skills that a manager needs, but do they know how to lead a team of people, motivate them and get things done?

This book is quick and concise — a short, easy read for anyone who finds themselves a project manager, but without the title. It elaborates on how important leadership is for success, what the formula for it is and how beginners can get a hang of it. It also helps demonstrate the importance of leadership in project completion and how to manage people in a formula for success.

This book is written by a management professor and technology expert that directly speaks to managers about the three pillars of project management; people, technology and organizational processes. The book teaches the most effective way to balance these three fundamental pillars, telling the modern day manager how to handle a dynamic workplace that changes day to day, to adapt to a rapidly changing technological ecosystem. Lastly, it teaches a manager how to understand the important information and insights that often remain hidden but overpower the traditional management mindsets and communications.

Terry Schmidt focusses on execution — taking projects from strategy to effective implementation. The book provides a detailed approach on how to apply the principles of learned theory into real projects, and that too across several industries. While most other reads you find break down the project management process, Williams does the opposite; he looks at the job from a holistic perspective. Once you are past the stage where you need to understand what project management is, this is the book that will give you insight into in-depth issues and risks, and the possible approaches you can take.

The author emphasizes on key factors that must be looked at when trying to save a project; these include forming a strong team, staying involved with it and finding answers within it. Read it for: — A textbook approach — bullet lists of problems and solutions — Intricately divided sections with easy-to-find information. This is a great book that recognizes the importance of proper leadership involved in effective project management, and how those lead to success. While it talks about being a leader, it is also a guide on interpersonal work relationships; it will teach you not only how to be the perfect manager, but also an entrepreneur, a change agent, an influencer and sometimes even a cheerleader!

This easy to read book uses a parable, storytelling approach to teach how to handle problem projects and deal with challenging, or struggling teams.

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Subscribe via email. Maybe you want to take it with a grain of salt, but definitely worth the read. Very nice, gave me a new perspective about leadership. You'll learn about Work Breakdown Structures, defining a project schedule and budget, controlling deliverables, managing issues and risks, leadership and communication skills, working with stakeholders, and more. If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. A running theme in the book is the tension between engineering quality and haste: the engineers, challenged to bring a minicomputer to market on a very short timeframe, are encouraged to cut corners on design. It sets a date for completion and then refuses to consider any other alternative.

It has been written with constant reference to a hypothetical story of the new CEO of a downhill start-up. It talks about the dysfunctional team that this leader must work with, and then puts forward a model that seems to work perfectly well not only in the story, but is easily applicable to your teams and any management situations. Read it for: — A challenge on taking risk and encouraging healthy conflict — A clear model for identifying team dysfunction and implementing change.

This is not for beginners because it does not provide a clear guide or model, but puts forth the mindset that you need to get things done, and how to make peace with it. It will teach you, for instance, how to ignore the inevitabilities when you are on an impossibly tight deadline, and how to choose — if you must- what to improve.

Deadline by Chris Crutcher Ch. 1-3

For experienced managers, this story will provide more practical information than several regular textbooks altogether. Read it for: — Witty, subtle tips on management — Simplistic ways to get more done in less time. This book covers the basics, but without the theory. The best part?

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It seems to add a little more value every time you go over it. While most books come with general project management and communication advice, this one deals specifically with Generation Y employees. If you are someone trying to train a team of young, fresh professionals, this book might just become your training plan. This is for the group that wants information not only on leading but also on listening, prioritizing, connecting and growing. When it comes to examples of success — this one takes the lead.

This is not another set of short case studies or personal examples, but a detailed analysis studying why companies succeed, or not. Not only does it provide a plan for productivity of the task force, it also aims at helping you gain control of your life; it supports the idea that no system will work for you if you are loaded with stress. For all of those who have too many things to do, too little time and too much hassle getting on their nerves, this is the go-to book.

It will rid you of the clutter and unformed tasks, guiding you towards rapid progress blocked only by poor organization.

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Read it for: — Tips on how to be more relaxed and organized — A guide to how to filter out the junk and get more done with the same resources — A completely coached plan and implementation process. We are all creatures of habit, but not all our habits are good ones. In fact, many of our habits are inimical to success. This book explores how we can change our habits in order to succeed.

It helps study the patterns that morph their lives, allowing the ability to cultivate and strengthen these habits.

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The book was spot on for the period for which it was written. Many aspects of it, regarding managing people and teams, motivation and productivity still are. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Tom DeMarco is the author of fifteen published books, The Deadline: A Novel About Project Management Kindle Edition.

The book provides inspiration for being a better you; making you a more effective and productive individual while also teaching you how to cultivate these constructive habits in your work life. Ideal for those looking to become better, more all-rounded leaders, this is another book focusing on project productivity through making personal development the first preference.