The Business of Sports: A Primer for Journalists (Leas Communication Series)

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Jerry Falwell was one of the first Christian televangelists in the United States. The purpose of this teaching panel is on how to prepare students reporting issues that interact between science and religion.

How to Prepare for your Interview - Sports Journalism

Sometimes, the reporting of science and religion is harmonious. Prophetic figures are often seen as healers, and so religious figures may inspire health practitioners and health communities. This perspective manifests itself in religiously affiliated hospitals, as demonstrated in Missouri with both the Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Christian Hospital in St.

Other times, religious groups are targeted with misinformation, as demonstrated in a New York Times story about Russian bots spreading misinformation about vaccines. Some religious groups also make headlines because their beliefs about health issues like breastfeeding, circumcision and birth control may conflict with current scientific practices and norms. The purpose of this proposal is to involve individuals from the Communicating Science, Health, Environment, Risk Division and the Religion and Media Interest Group on a panel that shares various perspectives.


Panelists will share their experience with classroom activities and case studies that prepare students to address the challenges of reporting on the conflict between science and religion. The Religion and Media Interest Group invites submission of research papers on topics that incorporate themes related to religion and media. The interest group promotes the study of media and religion within the context of the overall mission of AEJMC, which emphasizes scholarship, teaching and professional freedom and responsibility.

RMIG will consider papers using quantitative, qualitative or historical research methods and accepts any recognized citation style, although APA is preferred. The maximum length for research papers is 25 pages, excluding endnotes and tables. To be considered for the Top Paper competition, please specify on the cover page of the paper whether it is a faculty or student submission.

All AEJMC divisions, interest groups and commission paper submissions must abide by this rule without exception. Paper submitters should try to submit at least 48 hours before the deadline so they can check to make sure that the uploaded document does not contain any self-identifying information in its properties. Newly elected U.

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In this newsletter, Rebecca D. Frazer and Rick Clifton Moore describe how recent news events such as anti-Islamic statements about Omar can enliven classroom discussions. Photo by Tony Webster.

The Business of Sports: A Primer for Journalists (Lea's Communication)

Licensed under Creative Commons 2. Welcome to the winter Newsletter. Attendees at the Religion and Media Interest Group elected officers for the academic year. Head : Mariam Alkazemi, Ph.

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  • The Business of Sports: A Primer for Journalists - Mark Conrad - Google книги.
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She served as an assistant professor of mass communications at Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwait between and She has also served as a Carnegie fellow in support of the Arab social sciences and a research fellow at both the London School of Economics and the University of Missouri at St.

Alkazemi has received several awards for teaching and research. She has taught a wide range of courses dealing with international communication, public speaking, public relations and advertising. He holds M. His teaching and research interests cover a wide range of topics in regard to media, ideology and religion. Teaching co-chair : Rebecca Frazer is a Ph. Research chair : Brian J. Bowe is an associate professor at Western Washington University and Fulbright scholar to the University of Jordan. Bowe is a veteran journalist, author, and educator whose work examines the interplay of journalism and culture in multiple settings.

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Bowe earned his Ph. His research interests include media framing, news coverage of Muslims, and journalism curriculum design. In , he co-produced the award-winning short documentary The Death of an Imam. Grimm plans to spend the next few years exploring religious groups. Membership chair : Ceri Hughes is a Ph. His other area of interest is the role of religious discourse in the political arena. Current work examines the strategic use of religious rhetoric in presidential addresses. He has been published in the European Journal of Communication, and his papers have been awarded at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

He has taught courses in journalism and strategic communication at UW-Madison. The EIR documents and analyzes trends in the spread of Islamophobia in various European nation states. Every year on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination March 21 , the EIR is published online and in print and disseminated among leading stakeholders, politicians, NGOs, and anti-racist organizations.

The executive office will disseminate the reports among key policy-makers, journalists and NGO activists on the local, national, and European level. The full details are here. I am honored to serve as the RMIG head for the academic year. I am committed to the goal of involving our members in more of our activities. As we kick off another academic year, I want to express my appreciation, enthusiasm and hopes for the upcoming year. First, I am truly grateful to the previous officers. I would like to take a moment to acknowledge Dr.

Rick Moore for organizing the pre-conference tour and tirelessly communicating with RMIG members to make our annual convention a success. Also, a special thank you to Dr.

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In the honors setting, however, the students came away from the course with not only an arsenal of insights about media and religion in society but also with an appreciation for this style of intrinsically motivated education in a community of learners. Clemente Lisi is clisitkc. All those pious leaders and woe-is-she lamentations were made to look a trifle premature a few days later when a second test found no trace of anything untoward. For fellow workers stuck behind the same computer terminal in the same stuffy office every day while you jaunt the world, city or county? Submissions should discuss exemplary teaching practices, their success in the classroom, along with an explanation of observed student outcomes. Sparking curiosity, provoking students to think, and involving students in the problem-solving process are all crucial components of successful class time.

Brian J. Finally, a special thank you to the membership—especially those who volunteered to help with panels even though they were not named in the conference bulletin, including Dr. Anthony Hatcher and Dr. Myna German. Since our graduate student days, the two of us worked together as co-newsletter editors in the academic year. This year, we are excited by the decision of several graduate students to join our board. If any of our members want to share a syllabus or column, please reach out to our co-newsletter editors for the term.

Finally, I am hopeful that we will have great research, teaching and professional freedom and responsibility panels in the next year. In our most recent business meeting, we discussed several possibilities, and we are currently working closely with other divisions and interest groups to make them happen. If you have any ideas, please reach out to Dr.

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Perreault and I. RMIG members were taken up for a rare look at the National Cathedral from a narrow walkway just beneath its large Rose Window, which features a creation theme. Photo by Glenn Cook. Welcome to the fall Newsletter. By Paul Glader. Are your students ready for a journalism experience in New York City with a religion and media studies component? NYCJ has been an amazing springboard for young journalists from our 32 partner schools, with students landing internships and jobs at outlets such as Newsweek, American Banker and Fox News in NYC after the program.

And students from any college can attend even if their school is not a partner. Journalism students from religious backgrounds Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, other often appreciate the semester that gives them a supercharged journalism internship and studying experience in NYC. It provides this in a context that helps the students think about their religion and faith and how that relates to their work in media and journalism.

They study with Profs. Glader, Lisi and syndicated religion columnist Terry Mattingly.

Subject guide The Business of Sports: A Primer for Journalists (Lea's Communication) (): Mark Conrad: Books. The Business of Sports: A Primer for Journalists (Communication (Routledge Paperback)) [Mark The Economics of Sports (The Pearson Series in Economics).

Glader is at pglader tkc. Clemente Lisi is clisitkc.

Religion is part of the political mix in Washington, D. Organizer Rick Moore, professor of media arts in the Department of Communication at Boise State University, mixed national political offices with some landmarks and a lunch stop for a packed day. RMIG members were taken up for a rare look at the Washington National Cathedral from a narrow walkway just beneath the large rose window, which features a creation theme.

The cathedral is still undergoing repairs for damage caused by a rare 5. Martin Luther King Jr.