Sawfish: A Deep Sea Thriller

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In particular, entanglement of cetaceans such as dolphins and baby whales is apart from the environmental impact and sheer wastefulness a highly emotive issue and a public relations nightmare for the Sharks Board and they actively seek to mitigate this kind of by-catch. It is a remarkable document and represents the culmination and the beginning of a great deal of work by a great many people. It deserves and will hopefully get a more detailed examination than this, but I have isolated the sections that pertain to the KZNSB because they shed light on how the KZNSB is characterised by the government, and on the pressures it is under.

I can only infer that this refers either to potential lost profits from licencing a KZNSB-developed product, or to costs that the KZNSB would potentially incur should they be forced to implement an environmentally friendly shark mitigation technolgy developed by someone else. Either way, it establishes a strong financial motive — at least at top management level — behind efforts to develop non-lethal shark repellent strategies. A news report in November , to which I have not been able to find a follow up, quoted the KZNSB CEO as suggesting that the Sharks Board be able to sell shark meat, fins, and other curios manufactured from shark products such as teeth in order to raise funds.

What I hope I have provided is an overview of some facts about the Sharks Board that can be obtained from publicly available sources, all of which I have linked to in the text. I will do two follow up posts in which I will look at the origins of the Sharks Board and the legislation from and that gives it its mandate and legal structure. What kind of things should we support in order to make the whole of South Africa — and not just Cape Town — a world leader in shark mitigation techniques?

At the very least an understanding of the entity that is the Sharks Board may assist in determining whether a particular form of activism or protest about its activities is likely to have any effect. And if a form of protest is not going to be ineffective, regardless of the passion and enthusiasm behind it, those energies could be better spent on one of the many other threats to the marine environment.

In the s the US Navy developed three undersea habitats, in order to experiment with saturation diving and to explore the possibility of humans living on the ocean floor. Of necessity, any group of people engaged in this pursuit would be separated from life on the surface, in some cases by days or weeks of decompression obligations. Developing them was a technical challenge that led to many advances that we benefit from today. The experiments also provided an opportunity to study the psychological and physiological effects of isolation, and of long periods of breathing mixed gases under pressure.

In fact, this book reads like a thriller at times!

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Experiments with underwater habitats are ongoing. He lists fifty ways to save the ocean and has written a book on that subject — print them out and do your bit.

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Product Details. All Condos. But the carcass was not normally of commercial value. Tropical beaches running with blood? Rayman is a psycho!!

The key is to do something , where you can and that is usually right on your doorstep. It is the time of the year for that. This weekend, somewhere out there someone is going to have spectacular conditions… They are just not going to be near us. Sadly the forecasts have big swell from different directions, varied wind speeds and a different opinion on cloud cover.


For us it mean we will not plan anything specific. We will however be ready to rock and roll on Sunday, at very short notice… If things change. On a more serious note: check out the summaries of the talks presented at the shark symposium this week. Tony Lindeque www.

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If I had to provide some bite-sized takeaways from the first day of the symposium, it would be these:. I was tweeting from the symposium twitter account , and along with some of the other attendees we produced a fairly comprehensive summary of each talk, along with some visual media. The subject has been in and out of the news with increasing frequency for at least two years, owing largely to sensational reports of sharks repeatedly biting people in Australia and Reunion.

The Western Australian response to a spate of shark bites at beaches in the state has been to fish out sharks using nets and drumlines — the same approach taken by the KZN Sharks Board here in South Africa. It is a hopeful time for relations between sharks and humans, as long as the scientific impetus is not allowed to flag.

Full article here. Don't be shellfish Tell your friends: Twitter.

Its aim: To provide for the establishment of the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board; to determine the objectives, powers, duties and functions of the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board; to determine the manner in which the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board is to be managed, governed, staffed and financed; and to provide for matters incidental thereto. May The Board may liaise with any relevant institution regarding environmental matters, tourism and economic development in KZN.

Dissolving the Sharks Board Sections cover general provisions. In conclusion Thank you for following along with this exercise in understanding the Sharks Board, its structure, and its obligations. Changing attitudes White shark in False Bay Van Oordt describes how, in the s, the Sharks Board began releasing live sharks caught in the nets, reflecting a changing view of sharks, and the environment in general, that had begun to emerge among scientists and the general public. In summary What I hope I have provided is an overview of some facts about the Sharks Board that can be obtained from publicly available sources, all of which I have linked to in the text.

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