Remembering red : memory and nostalgia for the cultural revolution in late 1990s China

Consuming China's Cultural Revolution in Beijing
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Successors have been blackening Mao's name for a decade now. Years ago the authorities ordered party committees to remove his portrait from their walls. Last year they sent men with jackhammers to tear down Mao's statue at Beijing University. Mao suddenly disappeared from many other places before and after that incident, though not yet from the Tiananmen Gate. Meanwhile a statue of Liu has been raised up in Beijing. But in spite of all this, portraits and busts of Mao can be found in millions of peasants', herdsmen's and workers' homes and on many a party committee wall.

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Media accounts do occasionally quote the views of ordinary Chinese, but these, of course, are not cited as evidence of consciousness of their class interests. However, if one makes a special effort, one can hear the voices of common people even in these reports. Exactly 50 years on, it is not hard to find other evidence that Mao lives on in the minds of Chinese people. From the lucky talisman which hangs from a Beijing taxi driver's windscreen, to books, badges, cigarette lighters — even Chairman Mao yo-yos — the Mao memorabilia industry is alive and well.

Amongst ordinary Chinese, his legend is so woven into the fabric of society that he has gained something of the status of a popular cult.

A restaurant owner intent on making money will see no contradiction in putting up a poster of the Chairman for good luck. For all Mao's mistakes, it is more than just nostalgia which underpins his status. Every year, Chinese in their millions visit Mao's birthplace, Shaoshan, and file past his embalmed body in the Mao Mausoleum in Tiananmen Square. Although many Chinese may be richer than they ever were under the Chairman, they also complain of corruption and greed at the heart of government.

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Ordinary people, such as Liu Yanhan, 59, a collector of Mao memorabilia from Hubei, increasingly long for the Mao era, which they perceive as more socially fair and morally pure. We deeply admire him. Wang, who is from the northeastern city of Shenyang. Wang said. Swimming against the current of the academic industry and the international mass media, some scholars have begun the task of recording the views and experiences of the common Chinese people regarding the period of socialist China, as a vital source of historical truth regarding that period.

The present issue contains essays by three such scholars.

We wish strength to their continuing efforts. The present issue is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend, Nirmal Chandra, a keen student of socialist economies. He would have been interested to read it. Notes: 1. John G. I, , p. These post-Mao claims about Dazhai were countered by William Hinton, who had directly examined Dazhai.

Borja and Xu L. Dong, For example, Jonathan Spence and Stuart Schram. Views of the Chinese Revolution , Monthly Review Press, , for a careful dissection of the views of certain US scholars who became born-again evangelists against the socialist period.

Bury Me With My Comrades: Memorializing Mao's Sent-Down Youth

Banister, China's Changing Population , New Delhi: Sage, Gregory Benton, Lin Chun, eds. Yu, op. Hinton, The Great Reversal , p. Tatlow, op. Gurley wrote: The truth is that China over the past two decades has made very remarkable economic advances though not steadily on almost all fronts. Joseph Ball 12 and Utsa Patnaik 13 have carefully and at length countered some claims regarding the death toll of the Great Leap Forward.

The Development of Museums in China

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The Pirouette of Time — After the Future in China

Don't have an account? Delete Cancel Save. Cultural Revolution. Have Institutional Access? The official account has been put to question by foreign scholars, who have raised doubts over Lin's choice of the Soviet Union as a destination, the plane's route, the identity of the passengers, and whether or not a coup was actually taking place.

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