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OpenSocial Network Programming. Lynne Grewe. OpenSocial is a set of common application programming interfaces for Web-based social network applications.

As the first book on OpenSocial, this valuable resource discusses the unique area of social networking and the needs and different attributes of social network applications. Plus, you?

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Inhalt Chapter 1 Social Network Programming. Chapter 2 Introduction to OpenSocial.

Chapter 6 Programming Fundamentals. MySpace and Google have issued a press release that, confirming rumors , announces that the News Corp. MySpace was not initially announced as a part of OpenSocial, leading many to believe that it was absent from the project despite the fact that it already has a search and advertising contract with Google.

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When smaller rival Facebook started to take off in both membership numbers and public favor after launching a developer platform in May, MySpace seemed somewhat shellshocked and began focusing on initiatives like games and original video programming that fit it more into the mold of a media hub rather than a social network. But last month, MySpace confirmed that it was working on a developer platform strategy of its own. The release also provides a full list of launch partners for OpenSocial: Engage.

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OpenSocial Network Programming (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) [Lynne Grewe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. OpenSocial is a. spine"Programmer to Programmerâ„¢Get more out of InteractChapters on DemandTake an active role onli.

Several of those partners, like the high-profile Six Apart and Imeem, had not yet been confirmed otherwise. But from what it sounds like, MySpace may have a more prominent role in OpenSocial than most or all of the other players--perhaps due to its sheer size.