Battlefields of Canada

Battle of Quebec
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In , the Germans were attacking Russia in the east. On the Western Front, they were mostly on the defensive, though they continued to mount local attacks if conditions were favourable. To probe Allied defences, cover the movement of troops to the Eastern Front, and test their new weapon, chlorine gas, the Germans prepared for a limited offensive in Belgium in spring against the Ypres salient, a bulge in the Allied lines.

The last major Belgian town in Allied hands, Ypres provided a defensive position from which to protect French ports on the English Channel. It had to be held. On 22 April, two Canadian brigades were in the front lines, with a third in reserve near Ypres.

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An enormous green-yellow gas cloud, several kilometres long, drifted towards the French lines. The defeat of the Americans led to the partial destruction of Washington in retaliation for the destruction of York the year before. A town in Upper Canada at the western end of Lake Ontario. After the defeat at Fort George in the Spring of the British forces in Niagara concentrated at Burlington and built defence works. This position was maintained even after the Niagara area was recaptured late in the year.

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Location of an battle in Lower Canada that led to the retreat of an American army threatening Montreal. The Battle of Chippewa was fought just south of there. A battlefield park has been established and is open to visitors. Location of an battle in the Niagara area, the last hostilities in that region. A town in Upper Canada on the St.

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Lawrence River near the border with Lower Canada Quebec. It served as a shipping point to forward supplies to the rest of Upper Canada during the War of Location of an battle on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence between Gananoque and Cornwall.

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The actual battlefield was flooded in the s during the development of the St. Lawrence Seaway. The monument was moved to higher ground at that time. American fort in the Illinois Territory, now Chicago. It was destroyed by the First Nations in American military post on the Detroit River where it meets Lake St.

Battlefields of Canada

A large fort, it was captured by the British early in the war. It was retaken by the United States in and served as the base for the invasion of western Upper Canada by General Harrison that same year.

It served as the headquarters for the various American expeditions sent into the Western District in to destroy provisions and capture Upper Canadian militia officers. It was captured by American forces in and and was the scene of a major battle in August of When the Americans again evacuated the area in November the fort was blown up. British military post at the town of Niagara.

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It was captured by American forces in , but evacuated late in the year. It protected the naval base and shipyard at the town.

The following year it was captured by American forces and remained under occupation until after the signing of the peace treaty in An American fort on the Maumee River in the Ohio Territory General Proctor attempted to capture or destroy the fort in to keep it from being used as a base of operations against Detroit. The attack was repulsed. It was captured by the British at the beginning of the war and held until after the peace was signed in It was an important point for sending supplies to the First Nations allies of the British.

The post was also known as Fort Mackinac.

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American military post on the Niagara River at Lake Ontario. It was the headquarters of American forces in that area in the early stages of the war. It was captured by British forces in December of and held until the end of the war. An American fort on the Sandusky River in the Ohio Territory, General Proctor attempted to capture or destroy the fort in to keep it from being used as a base of operations against Detroit.

A British military post on the St.

Major battles and campaigns of the First World War -

Lawrence River at Prescott. The earthwork fort was built to protect British shipping on the St. Lawrence River. A British military base at York it was partially destroyed during the American raids and rebuilt after the war. It was the site of an American landing in the fall of , the attack was repulsed by Upper Canadian militia and British regulars. The site of General Winchester's defeat early in , near Fort Detroit. A town in Upper Canada, on the St. It served as a supply depot throughout the War of American raiders burned the warehouse of military supplies in the fall of It served as the main British naval base and shipyard in the province during the war.

The fortifications built here were destroyed after the war by the construction of new forts. The location of a battle between British troops and American raiders near the present village of Thamesville on the Thames River west of London, Ontario. In the Province of Quebec was split into two parts, the eastern portion was Lower Canada and the western Upper Canada. Lower Canada was combined with Upper Canada in to form the United Province of Canada, and in they split again, the eastern portion became the Province of Quebec.

It was the site of Fort Mackinac.

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A small community in the southwestern portion of Upper Canada, the location of the Battle of Moraviantown or Battle of the Thames were Tecumseh was killed. An American city at the southern end of the Mississippi River, it was the location of the bloodiest British defeat of the War of It was the site of many battles and skirmishes over the course of the War of When American forces evacuated the area late in they burned the town to the ground.

Now known as the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.